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  1. Kino Flo 2' Kino 800ma KF32 True Match Fluorescent Lamp (6 Lamps)
  2. Kino Flo True Match Fluorescent Lamp - 8 Watts/5500K - 12" Uncoated
  3. CEP Construction Electrical Products 6508GU 50-Amp Single Phase Power Box
  4. CEP Construction Electrical Products 6400M 100-Feet Black Rubber Temporary Power Cord with 50-Amp Plug Ends
  5. Sleeping Partners International. INC Tadpoles 5 Bulb Chandelier
  6. Sleeping Partners International. INC Tadpoles 5 Bulb Chandelier
  7. IVR72250 - Innovera Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord
  8. Pro Brand International 3032 10 AWG Copper Ground Wire
  9. Pro Brand International CT75B JVI 7.5-Inch Cable Tie
  10. Duct Seal 1 lb
  11. String Light Company Globe String Lights
  12. Pix North America A26K
  13. Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell
  14. Miltona 26" Table Lamp
  15. RCM Loader for Switch dongle SX OS RCM NS Shorter + Injector JIG kits shorter Connect tools
  16. Lutron EC5T832GUNV2L Sensor Inputs
  17. MESH Brightness Block
  18. MESH Smart Trigger: Motion