Novelty Jewelry

Wide variety of Brooches & Pins, Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants, Rings, Body Jewelry, Bracelets, Charms and much more
  1. Big Shell Necklace Silver
  2. Stout Thor`s Hammer Pendant
  3. Thor's Hammer Necklace Pewter Pendant with Bronze Patina Viking Mjollnir Odin
  4. Expo Fiber Tassel, Plum, 2-Pack
  5. Brown Scapular with Gold Cross - Regular Cord (1011)
  6. Sunderland Small Band Ring
  7. Charlie N°1 9-karat gold, pearl and diamond earring
  8. Olive Wood Rosary with Soil From Bethlehem - HolyLandMarket special
  9. Carolina Bucci Caro bangle
  10. Brilliance Fine Jewelry - Men’s Black Stainless Steel Franco Link Bracelet
  11. Brilliance Fine Jewelry - Men?s Black IP Stainless Steel Figaro Chain Necklace ? 24 Inches
  12. Mixed Diamond Ring
  13. Large Rope Ring
  14. Disney® Lightning McQueen Cufflinks
  15. BestAmulets Lucky Crystal Point Pendant Necklace in Sodalite Gemstone
  16. Long Stem 24k Dipped Gold Trim Blue Rose With Gift Box
  17. Jewelry Mountain Long Stem 24k Dipped Gold Trim Green Rose with Gift Box
  18. Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Stretch Bracelet