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  1. Atdec Visidec VFS-DV Freestanding Vertical Mount for Dual Monitors (Silver)
  2. Bushnell AC Adapter (10')
  3. Turbofrog Table Tripod
  4. Aurora Aperture PUV-67 Power UV Gorilla Glass Protector Filter, 67 mm
  5. Aurora Aperture PUV-48 Power UV Gorilla Glass Protector Filter, 48 mm
  6. Aurora Aperture PUV-72 Power UV Gorilla Glass Protector Filter, 72 mm
  7. Aurora Aperture PUV-82 Power UV Gorilla Glass Protector Filter, 82 mm
  8. AmScope Student Forward Binocular Stereo Microscope 5X-10X-15X-30X
  9. AmScope Sharp Stereo Microscope 5X-10X-15X-30X
  10. AmScope 5X-10X-15X-30X Stereo Coin Microscope + 1.3MP USB Camera
  11. AmScope 5X-10X-15X-30X Forward Stereo Microscope + Digital Camera
  12. AmScope 5X-10X-15X-30X Cordless LED Stereo Microscope + Camera
  13. Conveyor Tripod Stand, 25to43In, 9-1/2InW
  14. Conveyor Tripod Stand, 42to60In, 21-1/2InW
  15. Conveyor Tripod Stand, 25to43In, 15-1/2InW
  16. ResCare RK41N All-Purpose Water Softener Cleaner, Maintain Your Water Filtration System
  17. MintArmor Carbon Camera Covering Material (Pink)
  18. MTO / ShooterSlicker ShooterSlicker S5 Studio Camera Cover (Gray)