Politics & Social Sciences

Wide variety of Anthropology, Archaeology, Philosophy, Politics & Government, Social Sciences, Sociology, Women's Studies and much more
  1. American Baby: A Mother, a Child, and the Shadow History of Adoption
  2. Food, Faith and Gender in South Asia: The Cultural Politics of Women's Food Practices (Criminal Practice Series)
  3. Siddhartha's Brain: The Science of Meditation, Mindfulness and Enlightenment
  4. Cocktail Hour Meets...A Presidential Election: Surviving a Presidential election amidst a pandemic. Because even when you don’t know what day it is, there’s still cocktail hour!
  5. Democracy in One Book or Less: How It Works, Why It Doesn't, and Why Fixing It Is Easier Than You Think
  6. Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days: Discovering What Makes America Great and Why We Must Fight to Save It
  7. The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity
  8. Crossfire Hurricane: Inside Donald Trump's War on the FBI
  9. Nervous States: Democracy and the Decline of Reason
  10. An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy in an Age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics
  11. Stop Trying to Fix Policing: Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Black Liberation (Critical Perspectives on Race, Crime, and Justice)
  12. Dark Psychology and Manipulation: Manipulators are All Around Us and are Tricky to Spot. Learn Secret Techniques Used by Psychologists to Analyze People, Read Body Language, and Avoid Mind Control
  13. Confessions of a Rogue Nuclear Regulator
  14. We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy
  15. Aging in a Changing World: Older New Zealanders and Contemporary Multiculturalism (Global Perspectives on Aging)
  16. Become the Master Within: Cultivate Enlightened Health and Happiness
  17. The Spy in Moscow Station: A Counterspy's Hunt for a Deadly Cold War Threat
  18. Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me: A Memoir. . . of Sorts
  19. El sueño y la realidad: Historias de la emigración del béisbol cubano (1960-2018) (Comentarios Reales) (Spanish Edition)
  20. Intimate Japan: Ethnographies of Closeness and Conflict