Gold Medal® 8007DE Hot Dog Steamer, Gold Medal, 8007DE, 8007de

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Gold Medal® 8007DE Hot Dog Steamer, Gold Medal, 8007DE, 8007de - Gold Medal® 8007DE Hot Dog Steamer.
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Gold Medal® 8007DE Hot Dog Steamer, Gold Medal, 8007DE, 8007de - Specifications; Remove all interior components. Most people like their hot dogs steamed;

Will not rust; Adjustable Heat Control; Hot dog juice tray is standard, making your machine easier to clean and helping to prolong the heating element life;

Unplug steamer; Cooking Time: 30 minutes from frozen; No painted parts;

700 watts; Merchandising art on both sides; 120 volts;

hot dogs plus 30-40 buns; Cleaning Instructions: See Specifications; 5.8 amps;

Lids removable for easy cleaning; UL, CUL,ULS (Sanitation NSF 4) approved; ( bun trays, hot dog tray, divider and door );

Wash all interior parts as well as hood and door and water pan as necessary with soap and water.; Watts: 700 Take hood off of steamer;

Drain Valve; Stainless steel cabinet and lid; Empty water pan;

Hot Dog Capacity: 80-90 4 lb. Volts: 120; Holds 80-90 hot dogs and 30-40 buns;

Clean provide portion of unit with damp cloth and dry.; Never Use Abrasives on the stainless steel body;
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